EPE Welcomes Marcus De La Vega to the TEAM!

         In our mission to provide high quality physical education to our participants, we are always looking for outstanding coaches to join our team.  Today, I am pleased to announce that Mr. Marcus De La Vega will be joining EPE!  Marcus comes to EPE with a wealth of knowledge and background in wrestling, soccer, boxing, as well as cross-fit training.  Mr.

EPE Welcomes Coach Tom!


Everyday PE is proud to announce a new member of our “team.”  Local high school and college athlete, Tom Cochrane, will be joining our coaching staff for the summer!

Tom is a personal trainer, and a tremendously talented youth coach/role model.  Years ago, Tom played for Coach Colburn on a championship PAL team!  Read more about Tom below!



A Brief Bio:

Shooting Star!

Check out this EPE shooting star! 

YarnBalls, Away!

Ready, Aim, Fire!  This is a simple and very fun game for kids.  The game goes by many names, but we call it the pin game.  The first team to knock down the other team's pins...wins!

There are a ton of cool rules that can be implemented, once all the kids understand the game.  Several of the rules focus on fitness or on team building concepts!

Great Rope Swing in Plymouth, Ma.

This great rope swing is at Curlew pond in Plymouth, Ma.  Depending on the amount of rain, the swing can be a big huge drop, or a slight drop like in this video.  Our family likes to camp at Curlew, and we use the rope swing everyday!

NEW! EPE Incentive sticker program

Everyday PE is not just a place to come and have fun. We work hard to help your child make positive choices in their life. Everyday PE is about helping kids to develop attitudes, skills and habits that will help them to stay active and healthy throughout their lifetime. In the past we have used reward systems and special awards to highlight and recognize the skills and attitudes that lead to healthy living. This summer however, we are implementing a more detailed program. Children will be recognized daily for choices, behaviors and attitudes that they exhibit during the day.

Hiking at Joe's Rock

Joe's Rock in Wrentham is a great FREE recreation spot for families.  It has a few small trails and one climb to the top of Joe's Rock.  The trails wind around some wooded conservation land and provide an easy hiking level for people of all ages.

Toss, Bump, Catch, Volleyball

Toss, Bump, Catch, Volleyball


Push Ups make you stronger!

[video:video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9AL-8-opuA align:left autoplay:1 width:350]


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